29. 12. 2013

Another dictionaries in Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013

Here is guide (or manual) how to add or change dictionaries in Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 with spell check perfectly working. Is not possible change GUI language but I think everyone knows basic english so this is not a great issue.

First of all go to Control Pannel - Folder Options - View and set to show hidden files (well to tell the true I don't know if you need this because is my set till the first time I use a os, but if you can't see a folder this is the reason why)

Download your language dictionary from Apache Open Office Dict. here
Is an OXT file, so open your zipper (what you use or 7zip) and drag and drop the oxt in the zipper main window.
Now you can see all the patterns of that file. Open the language pattern, I'm Czech and mine is cs_CZ from
Extract in your desktop only 2 files, one with extension dic and other with extension aff that you see (in my case cs_CZ.aff and cs_CZ.dic)
Rename these 2 as main (in my case main.dic and main.aff)
Now you are ready to put this 2 "main" files in these location ( x86 if like me you have a 64bit os)
Program Files (x86)\Kingsoft\Kingsoft office\office6\data
Program Files (x86)\Kingsoft\Kingsoft office\office6\dicts
This will overwrite the main english spell check so is better if you move the originals to other pattern or rename as old, just in case something goes wrong
Now you can open Kingsoft office writer and you can see that it check your native language and it use your language in spreadsheets and presentation too

For manage dicts is better switch to the classical skin (icon at the top right) and go to: Tools > Options > Spelling > Custom Dictionaries > Add

In case of future update I think Kingsoft will replace our dictionaries so probably we have to made this trick again.

Other Tricks : Clean the context "New" menu
Kingsoft add a lot off useless entries on the NEW context menu, you can delete all this entries leaving only the basic entries (doc, xls, ppt, rtf, txt) simply look at this guide http://www.davescomputertips.com/2013/04/removing-items-from-the-new-right-click-context-menu/ and delete (make a export backup as suggested just in case)"shell new" pattern of this useless file extensions managed by Kingsoft office: .et - .dps - .wps - .pptx - .docx - .xlsm - .xlsx
Just a clarification: Kingsoft can only read but not write docx, xlsx, ppts, xlsm so have this entries on the context menu is clearly useless; same appens with et, dps and wps that are kingsoft own file extensions and can be used only if some users have Kingsoft Office installed, thats why I prefere remove this entries and leave context menu more clean

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